How to Get the Most from Your Taped Hair Extensions

Taped hair extensions are a great way to change your look and also to let your natural hair take a break from chemical hair products especially for those who have perms. That said, they are not cheap – you will be parting with quite a bit of money so you want to take care of them as much as possible. If you want your taped hair extensions to last here are some tips you can use:

You need to wash them from time to time and for this you need to use only salon-grade products. You can ask your stylist about the best shampoo and conditioner is best. You should avoid any shampoo that contains silicon as they will ruin your extensions. When you are washing make sure you don’t pull as the tape can come apart. You should also shampoo only the shafts and the ends but never the taped sections.

Don’t rub your taped hair extensions when you are drying them. Instead you should wrap them with a towel the same way you do to dry your hair. You should make sure to dry the taped area completely so that your extensions don’t come loose.

Every night before you get into bed you should plait your extensions into a lose braid so that they don’t get tangled. If you can sleep on a silk pillowcase that is even better.

Before you go to the gym hold your extensions up with a hair tie so that they don’t get any sweat. If you are going to swim make them completely wet in the bathroom so that the hair shafts swell up and don’t absorb chlorine in the pool.

Make sure that you don’t use any alcohol-based products – they will affect the tapes.

Never comb or even brush extensions of any kind when they are wet you will ruin them and they will get tangled even further.

While it is nice to have your taped hair extensions heat curled you should avoid using heat on them as it shortens their life.

You need to have your extensions re-taped every two months or so the tapes will have moved a bit off your scalp and they need to be placed back properly.

If you use these tips there is no reason why your hair extensions should not last. Remember, you need to have an experienced hair stylist such as the ones in Embellish You in Brisbane if you want your extensions to look great. To make an appointment you can call them on 07 3856 1110.

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