Skin Specialist

skin specialist

Our Skin Specialist

Debra Spence is a qualified Aesthetician, Cosmetic Scientist and is committed to ongoing research and development in advanced skin and hair treatments to ensure clients see results. Debra is viewed as an expert in this field and is considered to be one of Australia’s leading skin therapists and is always looking for answers that can be used in the treatment rooms and at home that is backed by science and supported by nature.

“I am passionate about skin with 15 years experience in cosmetic chemistry and an award winning Aesthetician, my passion is good healthy skin by using science and nature to give you a healthy glow. I am here to answer your questions about skin problems and how to treat them with proven science and nature. I review cosmetic, cosmetic ingredients, treatments and outcomes and provide general advice on skin conditions and treatments. I believe if I don’t have the answer I will find you the answer.”

~ Debra Spence, Skin Specialist for Embellish You







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