Skin Needling/Dermal Rolling (CIT)

Using no chemicals, Skin Needling or Derma Rolling, (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy) is highly effective as the underlying action of this treatment is simply stimulating a natural reaction in your skin to produce more of its own collagen and elastin.

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Less intrusive and far less downtime than a laser resurfacing treatment whilst delivering optimum results, this advanced treatment can be squeezed into a lunchtime of your busy schedule and will have you returning back to work or your normal daily routine directly afterwards. Skin Needling is our first choice when treating scarring, including acne scaring. We love the results we achieve for our clients as they are visible directly after the very first treatment.Anti-aging concerns of fine lines and wrinkles, dehyrdration, and overall skin tone including pigmentation will also benefit greatly from this treatment.

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Skin Needling has been proven to:

  • Smooth wrinkles and soften lines
  • Improve skin texture
  • Treat scars
  • Improve depressed acne scarring
  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks
  • Fill old surgical scars
  • Improve chicken pox scars

at an affordable cost, with minimal pain, risk and down time.

Skin needling or dermal rolling works on the same principle as procedures such as deep chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser re-surfacing and fractional radio-frequency resurfacing, by creating a controlled inflammation in the skin which stimulates  new collagen growth. However skin rolling is naturally a much more economical procedure often than these procedures and the healing period is often shorter.

It can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body.

Is it painful?

A prescription strength numbing cream is applied hour prior to your procedure which makes the medical grade skin rolling much more comfortable.

We pride ourselves at Embellish You on making your experience as pain free and comfortable as possible.

What downtime is there with skin needling?

Performed in a medical clinical setting to deliver optimal results, there is often significant redness on the day of the treatment. The next day, there is often some residual redness of the skin however this can usually be well camouflaged with make-up. The skin will feel somewhat warm for a day or two and will also feel slightly rough. Bruising is unusual. Usually people resume their normal activities the day after their procedure.

How many treatments should I have?

To revitalize and rejuvenate your skin and also treat scarring, we recommend for best results a Dermapen series of 4-6 treatments, spaced out at 4 week intervals.

What results will I get with the treatments?

You will notice in the short-term a softening of the skin and a subtle fresh look to the skin. However the real results with respect to collagen stimulation take at least three months to begin because neo-collagenesis or the laying down of new collagen in the skin only begins at three months and continues for approximately a year thereafter.  The results take time but they are worth waiting for.

Will it help with scarring?

Skin Needling also perforates and softens fibrous scar tissue, enabling the deposition of new collagen. The new collagen fills depressed scars from the bottom up, lifting the scars so that they are more level with the surrounding skin.

Can I do it at home?

Absolutely. The more your collagen is stimulated, the better the results in revitalising your skin, improving fine lines and wrinkles or improving scars or stretch marks.

Home rollering can also help penetration of cosmeceutical skin care agents deeper into your skin to improve their impact on your skin health.

The principle behind the dermal needling home roller is that it helps to increase penetration of vitamins and other active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid in to the skin. When applied to the surface of the skin in conjunction with skin rollering, it creates microchannels into the outer layer of the skin and the skincare products can reach into the depths of the skin far more effectively than by simply applying the products to the surface of the skin.


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At-Home Treatment

Did you know that a little as 3% of the skin care products you apply to your skin actually penetrate the surface?

Skin Needling across you skin after applying serums, can dramatically increase the penetration of products up to 200 times.

Using every night or every second, to start seeing the softening of fine lines and wrinkles!

Homecare skin needling rollers are available at Embellish You, see on our friendly staff to recommend a correcting serum suited to target your main concerns or something to give your skin a boost and improve the health and integrity of your skin.

Clinical skin needing is also available in salon, referred to as (CIT) Collagen Induction Therapy, where a topical anaesthetic is applied, and the rolling is done by a professional penetration up to 1.5 mm stimulating collagen and elastin in the dermis  to help treat deeper lines, scaring, open pores also can be an aid to break up pigmentation.


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For more information about Skin Needling, please call us on 07 3856 1110. 

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