Semi Permanent Make Up: An Open Letter By Tina Hammond

Semi Permanent Make UpHi everyone, as this is my first article, I thought I would share a little bit about my journey into the semi permanent make up world.

Its been an interesting ride so far but the journey isn’t over yet and I’m very proud for how far the cosmetic tattooing industry has allowed me to come. Please feel free to send me an email with requests on interesting topics you would like me to write about. My contact information can be found on the Embellish You’s website Contact Page.

The semi permanent make up industry has been growing in popularity at a rapid pace over the last 5 years. Since I decided to become a semi permanent makeup artist 7 years ago, my clients were very sceptical about the process, and it seemed quite hard to find a good technician. This was the main reason I diversified from hairdressing and beauty to became a semi permanent makeup artist, so I could help my clients that had no idea who to go to for this service.

I worked with body tattooist for 6 months, then I completed my semi permanent make up training in the USA. It was there I saw how popular this was. It was as popular as having your nails done! It’s taken Australia a while to catch up, and now it’s been moving ahead in leaps and bounds and fast becoming a very popular choice for our clients, who are very interested in what we do.

With many amazing talented people entering our industry, we all need to strive to become masters of our craft, which will keep us moving forward creating beauty that we all want and aren’t scared to have. In the last 7 years I’ve seen the style of brows change several times. They were very thin, which was a very harsh look but very popular. Then the hair strokes came into fashion, but often stood up like a picket fence in thin brows. All the way to the latest trend, where the bolder the brows the better.

I think we have now it worked out now with the beautiful natural micro blading brows it’s really hard to pick a tattooed brow from a natural brow. Now with the internet making it easy to share our work with the world, not only will you become recognised with other colleagues, but our potential clients are seeing what can be done and how we can change their lives.

So get practicing girls and boys, become the best you can be. Remember, the only way for us is up up up!


Tina Hammond

3 Times Australian Cosmetic Tattooist of the Year and Owner of Embellish You


For more information about semi permanent make up, please go to our Cosmetic Tattooing page.

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