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This program incorporates the best multi-therapeutic approach available over the counter to combat hair loss in most hair types. HLS products consist of:


Complete DHT inhibitor and hair nutrition.

Using technology that inhibits DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that contributes to the hair loss from within the follicle) this 3-in-1 herbal supplement provides 8 of the most advanced nutrients and is combined with a unique marine growth complex which is shown in several studies to be extremely effective in combatting hair loss.


A proven formula to re-stimulate growth, combined with Saw palmetto berry extract to deter DHT topically while speeding up natural hair growth development cycle while aloe helps sooth the hair follicles damaged from environment and harsh chemical factors. Providing optimal results through the clinically proven formula delivering optimal results for aggressive hair loss in men and woman.


For best results when used in conjunction with re-stim, scalp therapy helps to improve the scalp environment by dissolving sebum build up enabling the penetration of minoxidill or other topicals.


The unique blend of SLS free shampoo with 11 added DHT inhibitors is designed to gently cleanse the scalp. This specially formulated shampoo provides strength, shine and health to all hair types.

BROKEN AND DAMAGED HAIR (complete hair strengthening & scalp cleansing programme)

This programme used for clients with Alopecia areata and traction Alopecia was designed to enhance the appearance of weak, thin hair by minimizing hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Again by inhibiting DHT and improving hair and scalp environment while providing vital hair nutrition.

HLS Products in the programme consist of:

  • the most powerful DHT blocker and hair nutritional
  • scalp therapy to dissolve excess sebum build up
  • a specifically formulated hair-loss shampoo free of sulphates and parabens
  • vitamin plus conditioning treatment- rich with 25 vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • proven hair growth nutrient


Again, consisting of the Complete DHT inhibitor and hair nutrition, Re-stim, scalp therapy and DHT blocking bio-therapy shampoo while combining MGT (maximum growth therapy). A formula designed to help stop hair loss and provide the hair with protein building nutrients and B vitamins directly to the hair follicle. MGT has a  proven Vasodilator which improves blood flow assisting vitamins and revitalizing the condition of the hair and scalp.


Scripts complete was clinically developed to help grow your hair stronger, fuller, faster and to arrest pattern hair loss in both men and woman. This is a one step oral solution which blocks DHT and provides hair with the nutrients it needs to grow optimally. Again, combining DHT blockers, hair nutrition and vital nutrients, and a unique marine growth complex blend to combat hair loss whilst providing nutrition for the hair to thrive off and promote exiting hair growth also.


Scripts Gentle Shampoo is free of sodium laurel sulfates (SLS) & DEA, two harsh ingredients found in almost all commercially available shampoos, which act like detergents and de-greasers and irritate your hair follicles. Scripts easily lathers, and gently cleans your hair without these harsh chemicals and is safe to use every day. Daily use of our Script Gentle Shampoo will maintain the best possible site conditions for the growth of new hair by cleansing the scalp as naturally and safely as possible, while ensuring that there is never any “residual materials” left on the scalp that might build-up and block the hair follicles once again.


Restores moisture to hair and scalp by acting as a moisturiser and conditioner and provides the essential vitamins and minerals to the hair. The vitamin plus conditioning treatment adds fullness and shine to every hair type because of the 25 minerals and amino acids that are essential to the hair. By applying it also to the scalp it aids in developing a thicker and fuller appearance from the hair follicle.

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