Low Level Laser Hair Loss Treatment

Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment (LLLT)

Clinical studies have proven that low level laser hair loss treatment is an effective and viable option to treat hair loss, on both a cosmetic and physiological level.

As reported by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), clinical trials show that 97% of patients saw notable improvements in hair sheen and strength, characteristics that enhance the overall appearance of fullness of the hair after using laser hair loss treatment. Physiologically, LLLT treatments have been proven to assist in both the prevention of hair loss and in the stimulation of hair regrowth in areas of hair loss. No side effects of low level laser hair loss treatment have been observed.

The Laser Cap™

The Laser Cap™ is the latest breakthrough in power and convenience, using cutting edge technology to offer you a clinical grade laser hair loss treatment experience in the comfort of your own home or while on the go. The Laser Cap™ is the first ever completely portable hair loss solution, offering new hope to men and women suffering with thinning, balding and dull hair.

The Laser Cap™ female hair loss treatment program uses 224 laser diodes, making this device similar to having your own clinical laser hair loss treatment. The device fits inside any cap or hat, which completely conceals the laser light while in use.

The proximity of the Laser Cap™ to the scalp allows for maximum effectiveness and minimal dispersion of the laser & light energy. Each treatment session is 30 minutes on alternating days of the week, making it a quick and easy solution to female hair loss.

The Laser Cap™ has a convenient, portable battery pack allowing you the freedom to use it anywhere.

The Laser Cap - laser hair loss treatment


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