Embellish You Tattoo Eyebrows Brisbane

Tina Hammond is one of Australia’s most sought after cosmetic tattooists, especially for Tattoo Eyebrows.

She delivers government accredited cosmetic tattooing courses and is Vice President of the Australian Cosmetic Tattooing Association (ACTA). Tina performs approximately 35 cosmetic tattooing procedures every week and has really perfected her craft. Tina has proudly developed 2 of her own signature styles of Eyebrow Tattooing. Hybrid Brows & Micro Shading brows are her specialty. Tina prides herself on being able to tailor each set of brows to suit each ladies individual style and different personality, from super soft and natural, to bold and beautiful.

Tina’s in-depth experience as a body artist has helped put her at the top of her profession. This is where…

Eyebrow Tattoo Brisbane North

Permanent cosmetic makeup is a state of the art form of cosmetic tattooing. With a reputation for creating beautiful and natural enhancements, you will be sure you have found an excellent Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist with the highest of qualifications required. Cosmetic Tattooing is about feeling more confident to go out without makeup. The benefit of of permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo, is looking wonderful all the time. Cosmetic Tattooing can improve your features and give you confidence. Cosmetic Tattooing is fast becoming one of the most requested beauty treatments.

The lip line…

Cosmetic Tattoo Models

Models for Cosmetic Tattooing Training

Embellish You Advanced Training Academy is looking for cosmetic tattoo models for our
students to perform the following treatments on:

Eyebrow tattooing
Cost: $150 first appointment.
Second appointment $99

Eyeliner Tattooing
Cost: Top eyeliner $150.

Top and bottom eyeliner $250 first appointment.
Second appointment $99

Lip Tattooing
Cost: Lip line $150.

Lip line and Blend $250 first appointment.
Second appointment $99

All work is fully supervised by a completely qualified cosmetic tattooist. The students will have 4 weeks of theory and practical training prior to performing treatments on clients.

If interested please give us a call on (07) 3856 1110

Or email tina@embellishyou.com.au

How to Get the Most from Your Taped Hair Extensions

Taped hair extensions are a great way to change your look and also to let your natural hair take a break from chemical hair products especially for those who have perms. That said, they are not cheap – you will be parting with quite a bit of money so you want to take care of them as much as possible. If you want your taped hair extensions to last here are some tips you can use:

You need to wash them from time to time and for this you need to use only salon-grade products. You can ask your stylist about the best shampoo and conditioner is best. You should avoid any shampoo that contains silicon as they will ruin…

Lovely and Attractive Hair Extensions The Embellish You Way!

Lovely and Attractive Hair Extensions The Embellish You Way!

Embellish You is an industry-leading hair, makeup, and skincare spa. Led by award-winning Tina Hammond, they specialize in attractive and elegant Showpony hair extensions. These extensions are easy to apply, look completely natural, and are made of high-quality human remy hair. Whether for social gathering, romantic escapades, or a night on the town with the girls these unique extensions will make your hair look longer, thicker, and more luxurious. The extensions are also easy to install and manage, as well as remove when not in use. Best of all, they seamlessly blend in with your natural hair color and style or can be modified to match perms, highlights,…

Achieve a Smoother New Look with Dermabrasion Procedure.

Dermabrasion is a surgical controlled method that helps to refinish the top layers of the skin. The dermatologist &quotsands&quot your skin to achieve a smoother new look.This method softens the sharp edges and flattens any skin irregularities to achieve a smoother appearance. This process injures the skin, causing it to bleed and as the wound heals, smoother skin grows to replace the damaged skin. The face is mostly the common site for this type of treatment, though other areas can also be treated with this method. Dermabrasion improves the look of the skin left scarred by accidents, surgery, as well as smoothing facial wrinkles.

Target group

  • Acne scars removal and improving their appearances are the most common uses of dermabrasion.
  • Scars caused…

Elegant Hair Extensions and Accessories from Embellish You

Elegant Hair Extensions and Accessories from Embellish You

Embellish You is an award-winning skin and day spa that offers a myriad of services. From cosmetic tattooing and makeup to hairstyling they have the tools and expertise to make you look and feel great. This includes facials and threading, along with pedicures, manicures, and wedding bridal makeup. Led by industry-leading Tina Hammond, this unique Rejuvenation Medi-Spa has received stellar reviews from countless clients. With a warm and welcoming staff, all clients are treated like royalty within a serene and tranquil environment. There is also captivating and compelling music that truly soothes the mind, body, and spirit. If you desperately need to replenish and rejuvenate your look and feel, this chic and…

The Benefits of Skin Needling in Tackling Old Age and Acne Scars

The Benefits of Skin Needling in Tackling Old Age and Acne Scars

The Anti- Wrinkle Clinic is heralded for its innovative skincare services. With years of extensive industry experience, the clinic has helped countless clients tackle skin problems and issues. This includes Crows Feet, along with laugh lines and common or extensive acne. With a team of seasoned dermatologists and skin treatment specialists, the clinic utilizes cutting-edge techniques that combat blemishes, acne, spots, and especially wrinkles. This is done via minimally invasive procedures, which truly help replenish vital skin pores and appearance. The Clinics signature RF technologies also tackle pigmentation and scars, while tightening the skin and adding several years to your appearance.

The Benefits of Skin Needling

As part of the…

Wedding Hair and Makeup

Air-brushed wedding makeup and gorgeous hair styling

If you are getting married in Brisbane soon you definitely want to look your best it is the one day in your life that you will remember forever. It is about more than just a perfect wedding dress your hair and makeup have to look their best. That is where Embellish You comes in. We are the best mobile wedding hair and makeup service in Brisbane. We specialize in making sure that brides look beautiful. We know that all eyes will be on you and that is why we aim to give you the best look possible.

Embellish Yourself with Mobile Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

Mobile Wedding Hair and Makeup Service Brisbane

Weddings are blissful events that truly celebrate the bonds of holy matrimony. They also capture the true allure of romance and love at every turn. From wedding attire and reception entertainment to the cake everything has to be just right for your special day. This includes the hair and makeup for the bride to be, which must look like she just walked out of a beauty parlor. At Embellish You, we offer professional mobile wedding hair and makeup service Brisbane by specialist wedding stylist and artist. With years of extensive industry experience, our talented hairstylists and makeup artists have the tools and expertise to make all brides ravishing and…