Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions:

Ever wanted longer, thicker and more luxurious hair or a change of colour in a matter of minutes? We have the solution! Here at Embellish You we use Showpony hair extensions, the best available on the market to help our clients achieve their desired look. Our extensions are easy to apply, look completely natural and are High quality, Human Remy A+ Quality extensions.

Are they reusable?

They are 100% reusable and if you take care of them can last for a very long time.

How often do they need to be re-positioned?

We recommended having your extensions moved up every 6-8 weeks depending on the growth of your hair.

Can you see the tape?

These hair extensions are the most undetectable and comfortable extensions available today. We are very precise when positioning the extensions in the hair.

Are there lots of hair extension colours to choose from?

Showpony hair extensions offer a very wide range of colours to suit everyone and have a unique range of two toned extensions which blend naturally and easily into many hair tones. They also have bright fashions colours available to add a pop of colour or create highlights.


Tape Hair Extensions


Tape extn prices


Shrinkie / Bead Hair Extensions

Shrinkie prices


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