That beautiful face, the good looking hair and that body that anyone would adore is just now a thing of the past. Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and realize that your natural beauty has just disappeared? It feels bad. This is how aging can be to you and it is not such a welcome thing in our lives.

There are many tips you can use for anti-aging which include:

Anti-aging solutionsUsing Fish Oil

Fish oil has been proven to improve the heart beat, boost body immunity and enhance hair growth. There is no question that disease free body looks younger and beautiful. This is backed up by the presence of the omega-3 in fish oil; a great anti-aging solution.

Avoiding eating white Sugar

anti aging tipsSugar speeds up aging in you. Why? It binds quickly thus weakening the collagens in the body; forming dreaded wrinkles. Instead you should take a lot of vegetables and fruits. These foods have been proven to provide the necessary nutrients for your body and the result is a younger skin. Talk of leafy greens, carrots, red tomatoes, just to mention a few. The secret behind this is the rich variety of vitamin C and zinc in those foods.

Although White sugar has been known to cause aging, there is its positive side of the story; used as an anti-aging solution as well. How? You can scrub it on your face when mixed with oil to enhance face smoothness.

Treat Your Hands

Hands are not an exception to aging. This calls you to respond instantly when those boring moments of aging hands beckon. Treating your face and forgetting your hands is not prudent. Think of the feeling of having a young looking face with aging hands. It sounds bad, it feels bad and it is bad. Give the hands proportionate care to the face. You can cover your hands with gloves when performing some tasks to maintain their form.


Anti-aging therapyMassage would be handy here. How will it help you? Distributing uniform pressure through your body and maintain a steady flow of blood. The uniform distribution of pressure eases tension on the body making you feel relaxed. Stretching is equally important. It can act as a substitute to massaging because it reduces stress which is a key factor to aging. The result is a beautiful face; amazing.


Use less make up

The use of makeup has hit the sky in the current world. Ladies are competing for makeup varieties that are being invented every day. Do you ever think of the side effects of these? I doubt if you do. If you thought that make up will make you beautiful and younger? Oh, you have got it wrong. You will enjoy the makeup for a day and regret your entire youth. Imagine of a 40 year lady looking as old as your grandmother. Makeup is responsible for that.


Take a variety of vitamins

Anti-aging vitaminsIf you are thinking of a body repair booster, never forget vitamins. They are ladders to repairing of the worn out muscles naturally. Talk of the boring sun bleaches and marks on your face. Never jeopardize the beauty of your body whereas you have a cheap way of maintaining it; fruits and vegetables.

The anti-aging techniques are many but with the ones I have listed, be sure that you are at home. A beautiful young looking face is what you will achieve. Never allow an old looking face to stand in your way of comfort. Take action.

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