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Tina Hammond is one of Australia’s most sought after cosmetic tattooists, especially for Tattoo Eyebrows.

She delivers government accredited cosmetic tattooing courses and is Vice President of the Australian Cosmetic Tattooing Association (ACTA). Tina performs approximately 35 cosmetic tattooing procedures every week and has really perfected her craft. Tina has proudly developed 2 of her own signature styles of Eyebrow Tattooing. Hybrid Brows & Micro Shading brows are her specialty. Tina prides herself on being able to tailor each set of brows to suit each ladies individual style and different personality, from super soft and natural, to bold and beautiful.

Tina’s in-depth experience as a body artist has helped put her at the top of her profession. This is where she learnt every technique of how to tattoo properly, along with attending yearly international training with world famous cosmetic tattoo artists. Because this industry is not regulated, you really do need to do your homework when choosing a cosmetic tattooist as most courses are between 2 to 4 days. (CRAZY, ISN’T IT?)

Tina is passionate about lifting the standards of training within the industry & delivers her courses/traineeships over 6 months.

Below are different styles of Tina’s brows with descriptions of the techniques & who they are best suited for.

Hybrid Brows

Hybrid Brows are 1 of Tina’s own signature styles. You will not see this style of brow anywhere else in the world. It’s super realistic & the only style brow that will disguise very patchy eyebrows. This brow is created using a hand tool, layering a textured hair stroke then loosely crosshatched with nano hair strokes to create a 3D effect. Even if you don’t have any natural hair, when you sit up and look at your new brows you will be amazed that they are not real. This style lasts very well and ages beautifully.

Micro Shading

Micro Shading is another of Tina’s signature styles. This style is created using a hand tool with a fast shading technique building up layers of very fine hair strokes to create the illusion of an actual eyebrow, without the gaps you have with microbladed brows. This style is best suited for younger thicker skin, and the lady looking for a soft fluffy fuller brow.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow Embroidery is created with a hand tool softly tapping the colour into the skin giving a combination of soft powder and textured hairs. This brow is great for the fair-haired mature lady. Very soft and subtle.

Powder Brow

This brow is created using a Digital Machine. The brow is fully shaded the same way you would shade when you were drawing on paper. This brow is intense for the 1st week but when healed will look the same as when you have done your brows yourself with brow powder/makeup. Just perfect and won’t wash off! This style is recommended for the lady that likes to where a full makeup every day & is looking for a stronger Brow.

eyebrow tattoo - powder brow

Ombre Tattoo Eyebrows

The Ombre brow is created using the same technique as the powder brow. But instead of 1 colour, there are 3 different shades of colours used. The lightest colour is used in the front of the brow graduation to a darker colour at the tail of the brow. This is a very structured brow and best suited for the lady that wants a perfect strong brow.

Solid Brow

Solid brows are exactly that. They are created using a machine and densely coloured in for the strongest brow of the lot. This brow is suited for a lady looking for the most intense brow we can tattoo.

Tattoo Eyebrows - solid brow


If you are interested in becoming a leading cosmetic tattooist, check out the information on her Tattoo Training website today.

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