About Permanent Make-Up

Permanent make-up refers to cosmetic tattooing. In this case, the pigment is deposited beneath the dermal layer, giving the impression of a traditional make-up. The most common permanent cosmetic applications include lip color, eyebrow enhancement, eyeliner, among others. There are other services you can access from highly skilled professionals such as re-pigmentation of areolas and scar camouflage. Around medical circles, permanent cosmetics are referred to as permanent make up or micro-pigmentation.


Various tools are used to insert the pigmentation into the skin. The tools include traditional tattoo machine or coil machine, pen-type or rotary machine, and non-mechanized hand-handled device. The process usually starts with consultation, the actual pigment insertion, and at least one finishing procedure. The finishing procedure involves doing adjustments to the color in order to achieve the desired end result.


The origin of permanent make up can traced to the ancient Egyptian society. It is a secret that they have been holding for thousands of years. Permanent make-up will no doubt give you that sparkling look you have always dreamed of.


Permanent make up will add definition and fullness to your lean eyebrows. It will give your face that beautiful frame you have always yearned to have. Even if you have just heard about permanent make up for the first time, you can experiment with your eyebrows and see the difference it will bring.


The eyeliner is the ultimate embellishment you need to achieve that finer chic appearance. Remember the old adage that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. So, you better make the bold step today and let the face-transforming procedure titivate your look. You should choose a soft enhancement for the eyelashes and a more defined liner that makes your cute peepers pop.


Your lips may not have the natural tinge you want. Realize pout perfection by adding definition and fullness to your lips. This will help you correct your uneven lip lines or even trimming the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, you can even alter your present lip color to a more desirable one.


Both men and women of whatever ethnicity or age can undergo permanent cosmetic procedure. The procedure is especially essential for people who have allergies or skin sensitivities. Celebrities who are the subject of public attention can also improve their appearance by undergoing permanent make up procedure. People who have disorders such as hair loss and poor vision may however have difficulties while doing these procedures. They not only make you look better but also boost your self-esteem.


Permanent make-up is referred to as permanent because the pigment is deposited under the skin and cannot be therefore washed off. Even after the color fades, the pigment remains in the skin. Just like tattoos, a number of factors will cause fading of permanent make up. For instance, people who undergo laser treatments must have the pigments enhanced from time to time in order to keep the make-up looking fresh.

Finally, it might be helpful to enlist the help of a qualified doctor before you settle for any permanent make-up procedure.  Contact Tina at Embellishyou.com.au for a consultation and further information.

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